REVIEW: Presenting with impact – 2 day training course

Course: Presenting with impact

Provider: Edgetech Duration: 2 days Registration fee: £375 ex VAT

Presentations are ever more important as report writing and reading in general are relegated to a supporting role. For the manager seeking to inform and influence, the sales person trying to make a sale or any kind of advocate for a cause the ability to present well are as important as qualifications or a driving licence.

For some, the ability to speak convincingly, to package information effectively and even to entertain seems perfectly natural. While they would probably never admit it, many of these ‘presentation naturals’ have actually had the benefit of some form of instruction or coaching. Presenting with impact is about more than choosing the right words and slides – it goes back to the basics of how you stand, the way you gesture and even the way you breathe.

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The Edgetech course ‘Presenting with impact’ assumes nothing. It starts right from the beginning with sections on how to take perfect control over your body and your voice so you exude confidence. In addition, the course teaches some NLP techniques, such as ‘matching’, ‘mirroring’ and ‘eye contact’ for building a rapport with your audience.

Why is this important? Figures shared by the course instructors are revealing: 55% of effective communication depends on body language; 38% on tone of voice; and just 7% on the actual words spoken.


How many presentations, seminars and conference sessions have you been to where the moderator asks the audience for questions, to be met by an overwhelming silence. Most of us welcome interaction with our audience – it shows they were listening, and – if we have done a good enough job – understanding.

The ‘Presenting with impact’ is very good at providing acronyms as aide memoires for attendees. When you do get questions from an audience member you obviously want to reward the contributor with a considered answer, (although it’s not unknown for speakers to answer the question they want asked rather than the one actually asked). If you want to be genuinely helpful to the questioner, the course instructors proposed the acronym LACES (for Listen, Acknowledge, Clarify, Explain and Stop Talking as a technique for answering questions.

To encourage discussion within the presentation, the course proposes a model with the acronym SAINT (for Solution, Impact. Next steps and Thanks) to lead the discussion. The technique is based on a structured list of open questions which focus the conversation.

Visual content

There can hardly be a meeting attendee left in the world that hasn’t experienced the ‘death by PowerPoint’ syndrome. A picture might say a thousand words, but a thousand pictures says the collected works of Marcel Proust. Presenters guilty of this sin often compound the error by overstuffing their slides with too much content. The course instructors advise using no more than 10 slides each with a maximum of 6 to 8 bullet points.

This good, practical advice which should be common-sense but the incidence of transgression is such that it is clearly news to some. Coupled with the theoretical elements and the preparatory material conditioning the body and voice for presentation, the ‘Presenting with impact’ course is a comprehensive review for those learning to present or those with a need to improve and hone their technique. Practical exercises bring all of these elements together and demonstrate each students progress.


The course that our reviewer attended was held in a venue near Milton and had 6 participants, which allowed for plenty of one-to-one help for participants. Comments from delegates included:

Sam, IT Consultant “Edgetech gave me a fantastic insight into how I am seen by the audience. I can now stand up and talk with the freedom to make it better each time. This is now an exciting challenge, not a fear. Strangely what was once the fear of failure has been replaced by this kind of anticipation to see what can achieve.”

Sue, Production Director

“The ‘Presenting with impact’ takes a novel and effective approach to training and developing presentation skills, with an emphasis on building self-confidence when standing up to present. The experience and skills on offer from the Edgetech team have given me a lot more confidence in my presentation skills – to use the maxim of the day, ‘FAB’ (Focus Action and Believe). Great stuff.”

Martin Palmer, ESP Asset Management

“It has been awe inspiring o see the real people appear in the room and perform to their best. All thanks to Jools warm, supportive and brilliant.”

Mark Ospina, SharePoint Consultant Engineer, Silversands

“I am thrilled with the quality of the training, outstanding trainers, content and quality of delivery. Many thanks Jools.”

Mike Tansey, Account Manager. Silversands

“Fantastic two-day engagement, learnt lots and saw lots of progression both in myself and the other delegates on the course, highly recommended.”

Pete Holland, Consultant, Silversands

“This course has revolutionised my ability to present and engage with customers concisely and with positive outcomes “

Julia Montague introduces “Presenting with impact”:

Julia montague presentin with impact.jpg

Presenting with impact

SSP: £375 ex. VAT

Ease-of-use:          *****

Quality:                 *****

Performance:         *****

Value-for-money:   *****

Overall:                 4.6

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