Review: Vivitek NovoDS

Manufacturer: Vivitek Function: Wireless media player / digital signage authoring SSP of Euro 599 ex. VAT.SSP of Euro 599 ex. VAT.

Digital signage is a display technology that has applications in almost every company and institution. Whether for: a welcome sign in reception; company information screens for a waiting room; direction signs (wayfinding) in a building or retail store, the latest generation of digital signage offers an affordable way to put a professional looking message on a commercial monitor or even a flatscreen TV.novods-plug-n-play-demo.png

Content for Vivitek’s Novo DS can be supplied by Wi-Fi, micro DS and USB stick.

Vivitek’s NovoDS is a neat little box which hooks up to a flatscreen display or TV. The box has software embedded which has easy-to-use templates. Digital signage content can incorporate text, photos, audio, video and Web pages. Designed for maximum convenience, the NovoDS is 4k2k-ready for the next generation of high-resolution displays, making it a cost-effective ultra-high-definition solution. You also have to complete a device profile for your display, and then you match your message template to the device.

NovoDS offers the convenience of content refresh over both the network and by inserting an SD card into the NovoDS. It’s so easy to use, that even non-technical members of staff will feel at ease with it, thanks to drag-n-drop template customization and a highly intuitive playlist editing function for end-users setting up their own messages. IT Managers will appreciate the NovoDS too, thanks to it being easy to manage over a network.

“Vivitek is committed to responding to the growing and ever changing demands for digital signage solutions. That’s why with the NovoDS, we have set a new benchmark in its class for performance, ease-of-use and value-for-money. It presents private and public sector organisations with a compelling offering that meets their need for a powerful, ultra-high-definition digital signage solution that can be install quickly and maintained easily,” stated Holger Graeff, Vivitek’s General Manager EMEA.

Out test application involved making a reception sign for TEKBuyer. We wanted to feature: the TEKBuyer logo; some partner logos; a large image; a video from our YouTube video channel; and a rotating text banner on a background. Each piece of media was allocated to a box on our predesigned template grid. We scheduled the timeline to determine when the message was to play and hooked up the NovoDS to our LG display. The results were engaging and gave our reception space some eye-catching, moving content designed to a professional standard.

novo ds test.jpg
We used the Novo DS to create the signage for the TEKBUYER reception

Key features:

  • An easy-to-manage digital signage solution for creating dynamic multimedia content
  • Complete with a user-friendly interface to generate signage content with text, photos, audio, video feeds, widgets, IP streams, USB and IP camera feeds — without needing programming skills
  • Fully customizable configuration for a variety of settings including but not limited to corporate events, commercial spaces, educational facilities and public installations
  • Includes 36 pre-made signage themes or simply create a customisable template
  • High Definition 1080p display quality with support for next generation ultra-high definition (3840 x 2160) display
  • Display content directly from the built-in storage, microSD slot or USB flash drive
  • Update signage content via a wired or wireless connection
  • Network-based remote management and maintenance software for ease of deployment
  • Manage and monitor the status of multiple devices from the convenience of a network connected computer
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Plug-and-play for easy setup and configuration
  • Kensington security slot to prevent theft or movement of the device

Pricing and Availability

The NovoDS has an SSP of Euro 599 ex. VAT.

Vivitek Novo DS

SSP: Euro 599 ex. VAT

Ease-of-use:          *****

Quality:                 *****

Performance:         *****

Value-for-money:   *****

Overall:                 4.0

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