InFocus IN2128HDx interactive projector

Interactive business projectors haven’t yet achieved the success that TEKBuyer has always argued that they should. Compact, economical (when compared to Interactive Flat Panel Displays) the interactive projector has a lot to commend it for medium sized conference rooms. Could this new offering from InFocus raise the enthusiasm of business buyers for this category of product?

So why aren’t business buyers flocking to their local tech stores to strip the shelves of interactive projectors, preferring, instead to opt for Interactive Flat Panel Displays? There is a widely-held view: that projectors present a higher Total Cost of Ownership; that interactive projectors are more difficult to deploy and use; and, finally, that the flatscreen option gives a more hi -tech look and feel to meeting rooms.

InFocus IN2128HDx front

In considering these objections, just review what the InFocus IN2128HDx offers for a VAT inclusive price of around £750. You get a 080p (1920×1080) projector with 4000 lumens of brightness, suitable for mid-sized room installations even with office lighting. A contrast ratio of 15,000:1 gives you proper blacks and whites. But about those replacement lamps? InFocus says that you will get to 5,000 hours of lamp life (equivalent to two years of average office usage) in ECO Mode.

Using the he USB slot you can present your content from a thumb drive even without a PC. The projector also has 4 GB of internal memory. In addition, the optional LightCast dongle lets you present from Apple and Windows devices using their native AirPlay and Mira apps. Versatile connectivity options support HDMI, VGA (x2), S-VIDEO or COMPOSITE VIDEO – just about everything that the business user would require.


LightCast is described as an easy-to-use set of applications designed to maximize the connectivity and interactivity of your InFocus projector. Even if you decide to go with the standard projector, without the optional LightCast dongle, you can use the built-in Document Reader to view: documents (doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pdf, txt, xls, xlsx); pictures (bmp, jpg, jpeg, png); and videos (avi, flv, mkv, mov, mpg, mp4, ts, wmv, 3gp). Using the dongle, you can present wireless content via AirPlay, LightCast and Miracast. There is also a whiteboard function and an Internet browser

In use

To test the projector, we used a variety of typical business content, and found the 4200 lumens brightness to project a rich, clean image in one of our smaller meeting rooms. In setting up the projectors we found it easy to easy to focus and to match the image to the projection screen dimensions. It is easy to switch between the different outputs from the remote

Connection via the VGA slot was tricky, but now great loss because the HDMI connection was fine. As is typical now, the instructions supplied with the projector were minimal – nut detailed instructions were available from the web site. The remote is clear and easy-to-use and mirrors the functions on the projector.

We have often found the built-in audio capabilities of business projectors – essential if the device is to be deployed on an ad hoc, table-top basis – somewhat inadequate, but this projector’s 10-watt system is more than capable. Our only reservation here is the obvious distortion at 9 and 10 volume levels.

Overall, the styling of the projector is compact, clean and sits well in contemporary office and meeting room environments, The LightCast dongle, as with many similar products, is initially hard to set up, but the downloads from the InFocus website and the YouTube videos were very helpful

Incidentally, you must have Chrome installed to run and download the software. When using the LightCast, we had most success casting with Chrome. Other applications and software seemed to make the LightCast lag and stop-and-start. The video quality was obviously better when using the HDMI connection. The video quality through LightCast improved using the Presets   available from the remote.


The InFocus IN2128HDx offers multiple connection options. You can use HDMI and VGA inputs or the on-board file viewer to present photos, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, audio, video, and more; or present directly from a USB thumb drive.

The projector supports 3D content from Blu-ray, cable boxes, dish services and more (over HDMI) at 144Hz. It also supports PC-based content configured at 1080p running at 120Hz (DLP Link 3D glasses required). For most common office applications, the InFocus is a well thought-out device that made a creditable job of everything we threw at it, was good visually and audibly with the right blend of features to support genuine collaboration at a affordable price.



The InFocus IN2128HDx is well specified with numerous connectivity options supplemented with LightCast wireless options, internal memory and thumb drive PC-less presentation.


InFocus IN2128HDx front

The InFocus IN2128HDx – you get a 1080p (1920×1080) projector with 4000 lumens of brightness, suitable for mid-sized room installations even with office lighting.


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